Phoenix EP

Redemption, Rebellion, and Rising

Phoenix has a universal story arc that starts at the lowest point. It could be a relationship, a job, a mental state.  It starts with the admission that prayer is only as strong as the intention behind it. If we hold ourselves accountable, the ‘Shackles’ are of our own making. Feeling good, moving forward, these are the thoughts behind “You could be here, all of the time,” the whispered anthem at the end of the song. This implies the chains are removable, which brings the listener to ‘Change It,’ a plea to make a change.  “Make it stop! I hate the sound of your heart stepping on my heart,” is a wish for the outside world to make the change, but ultimately it lands on the individual. The plea is empty if we can’t move on.  In ‘Safe’ there is a realization that “what feels good is in fact good.”  Rather than seek those who will hurt and destroy, finding people who nurture brings us closer to our path. Being “seen and heard,” is the reward and also the motivation. Moving on to ‘New Dawn’ we witness the rebellion. Here begins the task of resisting the norms, fighting the established expectations, taking on a new persona. Perseverance is the theme. In this moment there is a realization that everything screaming at you is distracting from purpose. Ignore the “blight,” and realize “we will all be fine.” And finally in ‘Rise’ comes the celebration. The Phoenix must die before taking flight. As expectations change, shackles are broken, the funeral pyre must be built, then you light it, and proceed.  



Phoenix EP
Phoenix EP
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Change It
New Dawn
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